Saturday, June 26, 2004

the bug
another day, another cool gadget
this ET lookalike features DAB radio
the cool feature comes in being able to pause live DAB broadcast and even record it on a SD card in mp2 format [just found a mp2 to mp3 converter, haven't tested it yet]
why "the bug" then? well, that's its name

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paranormic of dream cars asia Posted by Hello
another original mini, with a union jack roof Posted by Hello
one of the usual suspects at a carpark rally, an evo 8, visually i like the evo 7 more  Posted by Hello
the original mini is still suitable for carpark rallies due to its light weight & nimbleness Posted by Hello
dream cars asia
frankly i think the show is not worth going, the accompanying carpark rally is more interesting, with fast cars being driven to their limit [& sometimes beyond]
here, an evo 7 rests after a run in the so called supersprint
i say that because a normal carpark supersprint involves a figure of 8 pattern, while this "supersprint" is more akin to a normal carpark rally, with a circuit like pattern. also, no navigators are used for this event as compared to a normal carpark rally Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Saturday, June 19, 2004

saw this outside ikea, didn't see if the message was repeated on the other side facing the road... Posted by Hello
adidas f50 soccer trainers, much better colour scheme as compared to the original black version, it features a shoe-laceless design Posted by Hello

Friday, June 18, 2004

gadget alert - owning a walkie talkie is now possible with IDA's approval for PMR 446 type radios which can be used w/o a license
Motorola Mediacenter - Press Releases
here's a download for xandros, a linux OS for free. it allows the OS to co-exist with windows
Xandros Open Circulation Edition Download
a follow on to the previous post about GPS handphones, however not all phones featured there work for our region
GPS phones
GPS, the next acronym to look out for in your handphone. with GPS, u can have a moving map on your handphone screen to guide u. nokia's solution seems , but this GPS phone is the most likely to come to our shores, competitors being benefon & garmin
Nokia - Xpress-on� GPS Shell
prices of DAB radios have fallen to affordable levels. what's DAB you say? basically, it's digital radio, no more hiss
SmartRadio Official Website - A Digital Service Of MediaCorp Radio