Monday, February 05, 2007

A new you

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Caterham Roadsport

evo Car Reviews

My fav car is being reborn. The Caterham 7 now comes with a Ford engine, ensuring ample engine supply [as compared to the Rover K-series] and EURO4 compliant also.

Streaming Pandora on a bluetooth headset

I just bought a bluetooth headset...but not for use with my handphone. I'm using it to stream internet radio on my laptop, or more accurately, I'm listening to the Pandora Internet Radio service through the bluetooth headset. The damage to the wallet? A reasonable S$40...

Sunday, February 04, 2007

indoor football shoes

Previously, this blog featured 2 great looking indoor football shoes, in contention to replace my current sneakers, the converse star player hybrid (with straps instead of laces), bought in taipei while on tour.

nike tiempo IC

nike vitoria IC

After missing the 2 models above [tiempo IC & vitoria IC]...i'm quite keen not to miss the one available in the market right now...

nike pace vapor IC

Last seen selling for S$70 at Queensway shopping centre

On-line editing tools nurture new video makers

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