Monday, April 18, 2011

Too fast

Modern communication is too fast for our own good.

The world of copy-and-paste has made it too easy to make a boo boo.

Even typing has been accelerated, with tools like word prediction, like what I'm using now.

Facebook "boliao"ness - "Forbidden love" story is viral marketing campaign

This is the kind of story that exposes the "boliao"ness of Facebook.

The content of the story is close to my heart though...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

More tinkering: How MotoGP will change in 2012?

The 2012 MotoGP Revolution: Part 1 - The Rules, The Bikes And The Teams | | Kropotkin Thinks
Great detailed analysis on the rather confusing rule changes for MotoGP in 2012. Part 2 found here.

Fifth Gear - [19x02] - 2011.04.08

Car Videos on StreetFire
Episode 2 of Season 19 of Fifth Gear. Loved the reviews of the M3 GTS & DS3 Racing.

Fifth Gear - [19x01] - 2011.04.01

Car Videos on StreetFire
Glad to see Fifth Gear back for Season 19. Relieved to see a human beat the gizmo-filled GT-R, although I suspect the result would be different if it was a mere mortal (and not Tiff) at the wheel.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

The invisible hand of Intel?

Quick post to update on the availability of AMD Fusion laptops in Singapore.

Besides the HP DM1, which has been available for a while, it seems the well regarded Lenovo X120E will only be available in certain markets, see Facebook reply from Lenovo below.
...On February 15 it will be available in North America, China and other emerging market countries (such as Eastern Europe, Indonesia, Korea). Unfortunately at this time there are no plans to launch X120e in Latin America, Japan, Australia or Western Europe (including Germany and Norway).
Sad really. But a piece of good news is the updated Dell M102Z, which I spotted on the Dell Singapore website. There's an option for a 9-cell battery, which bodes well for all-day computing...

Back to the blog post title. A while ago, I noticed that some model ranges of certain brands were deliberated omitted from the quarterly IT shows because they contained AMD processors. Not very appropriate, in my view.

So I am glad that AMD has once again caught up and produced a great competitor to the Atom processor. Next step will be to challenge the dominance Intel currently enjoys in the i5 & i7 range.