Monday, October 26, 2009

Lives spent lurking too long in the shadows of the virtual

Private Worlds | Adbusters Culturejammer Headquarters
We are too connected, we are too distracted...

How to approach the difficult topic that is street photography

Ways of Working
With a 3-week trip coming up, I guess this is one of the best time to pick up street photography again. Having tried it in Little India with mixed results some time ago, I'm hesitant about using a DSLR again. Maybe it's just me giving myself another excuse to buy another camera when my current arsenal of 2 cameras are already underutilised... Anyway, the link above is quite a good one on street shooting.

Photos from a Panasonic GF1

The things I ate in Japan « Evernote Blogcast
A strange place to find pics taken by a new camera, but this blog post (or more exactly, the corresponding Evernote shared notebook) showcases real world shots taken by the new micro Four Thirds camera, the Panasonic GF1. Lots of indoor shots, which seem to show that sensor size is still key to low-light shots.