Sunday, March 29, 2009

How to blog about an interesting website using the Nokia E71

I've finally found a way (or two) to recreate the BlogThis! feature which I use extensively when surfing the internet. Basically, I enable the Mail-to-Blogger function within Blogger, and then use the Send function (found under "Tools") in the E71 native browser to "email" a blog post. BTW, the above is a new National Library Board (NLB) service for accessing electronic archives of Singapore and Malaya newspapers.

According to the NLB,
Users who access the collection through the multimedia stations at our islandwide network of libraries will be able to search, view and print from The Straits Times digitised collection. Offsite users will also be able to access the website and view the articles but limited to the first 50 words of each full-text article.
What about the other way to blog a url (or maybe even third way?). Think I'll say more in another post...

Anyway, what did I first search for? :)

Honda - Impossible dream

Saturday, March 28, 2009


MID Moves
After a few months off from monitoring the UMPC/MID scene, the market has quickly moved on... This new model from UMID could be the current smallest thing running on Windows XP. 4.8 inch touch-screen, thumb-able keyboard, 6 hour battery life, sounds like great specs to me. See below for a quick video tour by JKKmobile