Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Issue1 [Men's fashion edition part 2]


A new issue, but things seem to remain the same.

So appropriately, we continue with more of the same, men's fashion. Part 1 on headwear was for those who would like to experiment, Part 2 here on workwear leather shoes is for the mainstream.

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One thing that has changed since issue0 is the ability to post pictures on the blog, which was long overdue in my view. Anyway, the feature is well integrated with blogger, you should try it if you have a blogger blog. Note: I won't be using this function in this post though.

Before I start, a preview of issue2, which will be on white interiors, specifically white on white.

Footwear for work

Since one is likely to wear these for long periods of time, comfort should be the first consideration. Style however, shouldn't be ignored.

Various styles of shoes will be discussed, but some points apply to all
  • test your shoes with the pants and socks that you will be wearing them with. This allows you to check how the 3 colours match [different shades of black] plus other areas like how the pants interact with the shoes while standing or sitting [how much sock area is seen, preferably minimal]
  • buy more than 1 pair for work. Leather shoes need to rest too
  • regular polishing is good, if not essential for shoes

Lace up shoes

This is as mainstream as offthebeatenpath is going to get. Key points to note are

  • shoe laces - thin shoelaces look much more elegant
  • toe-cap shape - square shape may be in vogue but do make sure your toes feel comfortable
  • leather surface - gloss, matt, semi-gloss, basically I would recommend matt surface, due to marks being less obvious on matt surfaces, but different finishes suit different looks
  • shoes with flanges that fit closely with shoelaces pulled tight without showing much of the shoe tongue look better

Slip-on shoes

Slightly more casual looking, it's a style that is still acceptable at the workplace unless they are loafers

  • stay easy on the decorative metal plates on the instep of some slip-ons, you don't want your shoes to draw that much attention


One of my favourites, as it offers ankle support, plus it makes a fashion statement.

  • getting a good fit is important, but more so here, as the shoe extends higher up your leg
  • same advice as for lace up shoes, go for thin laces

Cowboy boots

You don't have to know line-dancing to wear these. Not likely to be worn to work unless you work at a flashy place

  • detailing is key here, some cowboy boots are over the top in this area, being discreet would be commended, as the cowboy boot style is radical as it is


Besides the ubiquitous black colour for your leather shoe, actually dark brown shows off a leather shoe very well. Depending on what shirt / pants colour combination, brown accents the overall look. This is so for white or light blue shirt with black pants.

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