Tuesday, January 03, 2006

missing ai sio kan mai

the boredphucks are back in singapore. now known as the suns, they performed for about an hour at the orchard cineleisure countdown band performance. but some of their more "racy" songs were not played. however, the overall performance was quite good. bassist JBoss almost ended the show before it started by taking out drummer Wayne Thunder. wayne was setting up the drum kit when jboss swung his bass around and hit him in the eye. the poor MC had to placate the crowd with all kinds of tricks [kudos to him] before wayne could recover. but when they started, the whole place rocked. San Singer, the singer/lead guitarist was "in your face" as usual, but seemed to miss some high notes. but it was clear that the band's playing was slick and professional. they whipped up the crowd, and soon, everyone was jumping together, putting arms around each other. familiar tunes prompted the crowd to join in the singing, and it was great that the fun did not get dampened by security stepping in, which sometimes occurs at such gigs. all in all, a 7.5 out of 10.

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