Thursday, February 23, 2006

Polar RS200sd

Polar | RS200sd Running Computer
recently started running again [to prepare for ippt]. was using the garmin forerunner 201 to pace myself. i chose a route with minimum overhead obstructions, to reduce the chances of losing the gps signal. but sometimes, the pacing shown did not feel right.

there are 2 types of pacing devices on the market. one type uses gps to measure pace, while the other uses inertial sensors. some older devices use a pedometer, which rely on the runner maintaining a constant stride length. as stride lengths easily vary, it is not an accurate way of measuring pace, and we will skip them here.

polar just came out with a cheaper version of its s625x model, which still includes the heart rate monitor and the inertial sensor.

garmin also recently launched watch-sized gps models, the forerunner 205 & 305, but they look quite bulky compared to the RS200sd.

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