Thursday, September 13, 2007

Don't let a messy desk disrupt productivity

The Coloradoan - - Ft. Collins, CO.
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Get organized at the office

14 steps to create a new organized work area:
  1. Bring only critical items and accessories into the work space.
  2. Keep only critical daily items on the desktop.
  3. Store pens, paper clips, etc., in a drawer for easy access.
  4. Maximize the desktop by using shelves for books, extra paper and supply storage.
  5. Be consistent and return items to an assigned home after use.
  6. Remove all items that are not relevant. This includes removing plants that are no longer healthy, old calendars, old newspapers, periodicals and awards from the Y2K era.
  7. Hang pictures and recently completed certificates in view for daily inspiration. If there is a picture of the next vacation destination, add it to the collection. Avoid covering every inch of wall, as that creates a cluttered view and contributes to mind clutter. If there are too many pictures to hang without creating a cluttered view, rotate the items quarterly.
  8. Store current manuals and projects on the work space within view if you are reading them this week. All binders should be stored on shelves and reference books, and manuals should be out of immediate range if not used daily.
  9. Scan critical files and project information from past projects to a CD or DVD, which require less space than files and storage boxes. Keep in mind that 80 percent of items that are filed are never reviewed again.
  10. Think twice before printing an e-mail or article. What will happen to the paper? Will it end up in a pile of clutter that will creep across the desk and take up valuable work space only to be viewed next year while looking for something else? If so, save the paper and ink for another day.
  11. Consider replacing a large monitor with a new flat screen monitor that takes up less work space and contributes to more work area for other activities.
  12. If the cubicle or office space wall color is unappealing and painting is not an option, try adding color by stretching fabric over one wall to add interest. Changing fabric seasonally will keep the view interesting.
  13. If your work area is situated with your back to the door and you cannot rearrange the space, install a small mirror so you can see anyone entering your area from behind.
  14. Schedule 10 minutes a day to eliminate clutter and return the work space to a welcoming, productive area for the next work session.

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