Monday, December 31, 2007

We can't show anti-establishment stuff on TV, so let's just substitute with sex?

Just watched the 2nd episode (named "A Perfect Exit") of the Singapore Short Story Project (3rd series). The ending just about saved it. As soon as the main plot was clear to all to see (old man wants to die by having sex with a young lady), I was severely turned-off. This episode was perpetuating the existing bias on sexual relations. (The classic old man, young girl scenario, think the film-makers didn't dared to do a role-reversal instead)

I switched channels, almost wanting to stop watching, as a silent protest against the premise behind this episode. But I managed to watch the whole thing in the end.

Also felt that the series did injustice to the real film-makers in Singapore. Sex seems to be the "cop-out" that certain film-makers adopt when they seek to "push the boundaries", especially when MDA/SFC is funding the film.

The easy way out.

While I'm not asking such film-makers to make a film telling people to revolt, but so many times have we seen the party pointing to liberalisation of sex (or sex-related stuff) as liberalisation of our society.

It sucks. Literally. Really.
  • bar-top dancing
  • Crazy Horse
  • gays allowed in civil service
  • Pleasure Factory
  • the list goes on
Frankly, I'm sick and tired of this argument, and also the various "actors" who are milking this. There are really good local films out there. They don't even have to be anti-establishment to be good. But they remain on the fringes of our society.

I feel pity for those who were involved who think it is art...just because it's showing on Arts Central doesn't mean it's art.

Plot twist warning! Stop here if you do not wish to know the twist at the end

The old man does not die after having sex with the young lady. They manage to have sex again, after which the young lady dies. The rest is pretty easy to guess. Old man finds medical card in lady's purse explaining her medical condition (she also has a heart problem)

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