Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Natural Planning Techniques: The Five Phases

GettingThingsDone - MineZone Wiki
Very useful for planning projects. This is part of David Allen's Getting Things Done (GTD) book.
  1. purpose / guiding principles (Why are we doing this?)
  2. mission / vision / goals / successful outcome (What would wild success look, sound, or feel like?)
  3. brainstorming (How would we accomplish it?) view the project from beyond the completion date, envision wild success (suspend "Yeah, but. . ."), capture features, aspects, and qualities you imagine in place
  4. organizing (identify components, subcomponents, sequences, events, and/or priorities; what must occur and in what order? When do we do these things?)
  5. next actions (Where do we start?)
"If the project is off your mind, your planning is sufficient. If it's still on your mind, keep applying the model until it's clear."

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