Tuesday, November 03, 2009

IVLP - 1 Nov 2009

A city tour is the main highlight of the day. It's also the first time the group of 13 (including 2 ELOs) met.

We travelled in a minibus with a tour guide to show us the sights. It was cold and raining but we were quite enthusiastic to see the capital. One of the first places we passed by was the Washington National Cathedral.

Very cool Gothic architecture. If you look closely, you may be able to see the gargoyles that also serve as rainwater drain-off pipes.

A view of the Georgetown area from inside the minibus. We then took a quick stop at the Washngton Harbour.

In the background, you can see the infamous Watergate Complex and the Kenndey Center for Performing Arts. Along the way, I saw this classic Corvette.

Next stop, the White House.

We then walked to meetup with the minibus (no vehicles allowed in front of the White House). Next, the Capitol building.

We then took the bus across to Virginia to see the Pentagon and the Air Force Memorial.

It was still raining and dark... But anyway, I spotted this touching scene below.

Next stop was to the Old Post Office Pavilion for a skyline view of the city and lunch. A view of the Capitol below.

The Washington Memorial.

After lunch at the food court on the 1st level of the Old Post Office Pavilion, we walked to The Mall, where the various Smithsonian museums were located. I visited the Air & Space Museum first. Cool planes on display, including the Predator UAV.

Then, I went to the Hirshhorn Museum. It showed modern art, and I liked the following pieces.

The one above featured a whole slew of slogans in a colourful montage.

Four Colors Four Words. Self explanatory... After gathering back together, we went back to the hotel via the Metro.

Back at the hotel, we had a quick meeting to formally introduce everyone, and met up with staff from Meridian International Center and the US Department of State.

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