Friday, June 10, 2011

Trying to get a Lenovo X120e in Singapore

Ever since AMD launched its new E-350 processor, I have been looking forward to buy a laptop with that chip. The chip offered a nice balance between price and performance; faster than an Intel Atom, but cheaper than an i3.

The following models were released, with my comments in brackets
  • Asus 1215B (cheap, has page up/page down keys)
  • Dell M102z (9-cell battery option, but expensive)
  • HP DM1 (pretty, good battery life, big chicklet keyboard, but no page up/page down keys, and no dedicated trackpad keys)
  • Lenovo X120e (matte screen, page up/page down keys, but not sold in retail shops)
  • MSI U270 (similar to 1215B, haven't seen it in person)
  • Sony YB-series (expensive)
With the Lenovo X120e having most of the features desired, I decided to write to Lenovo Singapore to try to get them to reconsider their decision.

Posted on Lenovo SG facebook

Lee Sze Yong posted to Lenovo Singapore
Dear Lenovo, I understand that the X120E is not sold in Singapore. There are many keen buyers, including some who have gone to the extent of buying them overseas. Is it possible for Lenovo to reconsider it's decision? It's competitors, the HP DM1 (no dedicated trackpad keys), Dell M102Z (no page up/page down keys), or Asus 1215B (glossy screen, a little big) all have issues. I hope that I will not be forced to choose the HP DM1 as a compromise solution. Hope to hear good news.
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Lenovo Singapore
Hi Sze Yong, could you leave us your email so that we can send you a follow up note on this? Thanks!
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Lee Sze Yong
evozero AT gmail DOT com, thanks
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Jeremy Soo
Please send me an email too if you intend to bring in the X120e.Thanks. jerry2308 AT hotmail DOT com
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Lenovo Singapore
Hi Sze Yong - glad to know that quite a few Lenovo fans out there who are looking fwd to getting their hands on the ThinkPad X120e. Let me clarify that the model IS sold in Singapore albeit to enterprise customers only for now. While this is the business decision for now, let me take this suggestion internally to see if the sales team would reconsider. No guarantees but we'll certainly try. As you know, we do need to assess the feasible size of the demand before setting up the channels and back end systems/processes for any product that we introduce to the retail (end user) market. Stay tuned! :)
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Lee Sze Yong
Fantastic. So how should I proceed if I purchase via my employer? Also, hopefully WWAN option is available? Like what the X100e offered?
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Lenovo Singapore
Hi Sze Yong, we've just did a quick check internally and the ThinkPad X120e would not be available to consumers directly. We're very sorry about this, and we do understand that you guys are aware that the ThinkPad Edge 11” is available for consumers who are on the lookout for a 11” notebook as well. If price is a concern, you might want to check out the great offers we’re having currently at the PC Show 2011 – for instance, the ThinkPad Edge E420 (which runs on the 2nd Gen Intel Core i5 processor) is being offered at just $1,199. Here’s a link to the promos we’re having for ThinkPads that you might want to check out:

With regards to purchasing through your employer, every company has different policies on this so it's best to check with the IT department in your company - they might be able to get a quote, or have already gotten one, through one of our salespeople. Hope that helps! :)
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Lee Sze Yong
Sigh. Sad that AMD is still being discriminated. Actually I am from the IT department at my workplace. My previous fb post was asking for a way to ask Lenovo for a quote, as I couldn't find a sales email at Lenovo's SG website. Nevermind. :( FYI, a Edge E420 is a different class of laptop, not what I am looking for. The Edge 11 has a glossy screen. I'm looking for a matt screen.
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Lenovo Singapore
If that is the case, you might want to contact us via phone. Here's the number to dial for commercial/key accounts customers enquiries: 800 6011 389 (ext: 9005) This link would be useful too: Thanks! :)
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So what's next? I will try to get a commercial quote. Am also looking online (US webstores), but the possibility of a X121e replacement is also affecting my decision...

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