Monday, July 11, 2011

HP DM1 quick review

Finally decided to buy the HP DM1, after deciding that I wasn't going to buy the Lenovo X120E over the internet.

Deciding factor was a bit weird, really. Didn't want to reward Lenovo for making it so hard for consumers to buy one of their AMD E-350 laptops.

Anyway, got the DM1 for S$699 with free 4GB RAM upgrade. First impressions are mixed.
  1. screen is glossy, but not too much reflections
  2. still getting used to the screen brightness; full brightness a little too bright, one step down a little too much
  3. high CPU usage; really need to find out which are the bloatware, and to uninstall them. lots of HP software installed by default
  4. removed Norton Anti-virus; replaced with Microsoft Security Essentials
  5. Keyboard is large, but keystroke a little shallow, compared to the Asus A42JV that my brother and I are sharing
  6. the sloping design is good for wrists; won't have carpal tunnel syndrome
  7. build quality a little iffy; panel gaps not consistent, speaker grill a little off already
  8. seems the singapore version comes with a 500GB 5400rpm hard disk :(

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