Sunday, September 12, 2004

newsradio 93.8fm now plays trip-hop in between its news programmes. that's great, since trip hop doesn't get aired on radio stations that often. just heard teardrops by massive attack, brings back lots of fond memories, quite sure i first heard these songs on the radio, it's sad that alternative music is now sidelined, at least here in sg. that's why i admire so much the nice music programmes that are still hanging around.

  • weekdays 8-10pm 92.8fm *wicked
  • thu 8-10pm 91.3fm *urban lounge, 10pm-12mn sun [repeat]
  • thu 12mn-3am 92.8fm *red rottw show
  • fri 10:30-11am 88.9fm *john peel, 3:30-4pm [repeat]
  • fri 9-11pm 91.3fm *ministry of sound
  • sat 8-10pm 92.8fm *red alert
  • sat 10pm-12mn 92.8fm *massive
  • sat 11pm-1am 91.3fm *pete tong's essential mix
  • sun 1-5am 91.3fm *liberation
  • sun 5-7pm 98fm *rock revolution
  • sun 8-10pm 91.3fm *giles petersen's worldwide
  • sun 9pm-10pm 89.7fm *rock ria rock
  • sun 10pm-12mn 92.8fm *massive
  • sun 10pm-12mn 100.3fm *Sunday 11 我要听音乐

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