Friday, January 04, 2008

Learning time management can help your uncluttering efforts

Great article linking uncluttering and time-management, but I also totally agree with the 1st comment, which I reproduce below...

Posted by Kirk Roberts - 11/07/2007

I totally agree that time management is important, and a vital skill to hone.

Personally, though, I discovered over time that looking at blogs (and investigating links from blogs) was one of the biggest time sucks in my day. The irony was how much time I wasted reading personal productivity tips.

To each their own, but if you’re interested in time management I would suggest checking a book out of the library rather than surfing (blog, rss, web, etc). “The Now Habit” is pretty great.

I've often found myself reading more about "how to GTD" than actually physically practising GTD...

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