Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro - Initial Review

After almost 1 week of use (including usage overseas), I think it's time I pen some quick first impressions.

  1. Touchscreen not accurate (the 2.5-inch also makes it even more difficult)
  2. UI inconsistent, not user-friendly
  3. Milky screen under sunlight (made worst with a translucent overlay under the apps)
  4. Language bar blocks some buttons (resolved by using alternative keyboards, but that causes other issues)
  5. Snappy sliding motion, but the 2 sliding portions wobble when in the closed position
  6. System sometimes pauses before reacting (OS lag, Processor lag, or Memory lag???)
  7. Quick search bar does not search within files
  1. Astrid (powerful to-do app, yet to explore full features)
  2. Camera (decent, but not a Canon S90)
  3. Handcent (nice looking presentation, but causes double sms alerts)
  4. Soft-touch back
Overall, I'm a bit concerned about the lag on the phone. Due to the nature of the Android OS, apps do not close, but are "minimised". The slower 600MHz processor and 128MB RAM could also be at fault here.

I also wonder if the HSDPA/3G modem could be another choke-point, as Opera Mini on my E71 zips along at a super-fast rate, while Opera Mini (both version 4.2 & 5) on the X10 Mini Pro seems to be as slow as the native Android browser...

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