Thursday, August 26, 2010

Testing battery life - Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro

15 hours 18 minutes 2 seconds.

This was the duration shown on the X10 Mini Pro when the "10% battery left" warning came up.

Quite a disappointing figure, even though I knew earlier that battery life could be an issue with a meagre 930 mAh battery.

Settings on my X10 Mini Pro during the "test"
  1. Full screen brightness, 1 minute screen timeout
  2. Gmail autosync off, calendar & contacts autosync on
  3. Astrid on 15 minute sync
  4. normal internet usage, surfing the net, checking email, visiting Android Market, etc
According to Android's battery statistics, the screen was the major battery "eater". Not keen to turn down the brightness, so I will try setting the screen timeout to 30 sec to see if the battery life improves.

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