Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro - More thoughts, mostly negative

After using the handphone for almost 3 weeks, I have more thoughts on it. My initial thoughts here.

  1. Google syncing works seamlessly (e.g. contacts, calendar, email)
  2. keyboard works well (but can't beat E71 keyboard)
  1. internet speed is slow
  2. touchscreen a little hit & miss along the edges (E.g. I can't enable "Mobile View" in Opera Mini 4.2 settings page as the checkbox is near the edge of the screen)
As mentioned earlier, I'm really put off by the slow browsing speed, either via the native browser, or Opera Mini 5. Opera Mini 4.2 is slightly faster, but it's touchscreen sensitivity is a problem.

What now? I'm thinking of buying a new phone to replace the X10 Mini Pro, but there are currently no phones in Singapore that have the features that I require.
  1. touchscreen + QWERTY keyboard
  2. good to-do app like Astrid

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