Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Jose Mourinho's tactical influence in AFF Suzuki Cup

I wonder if I'm reading too much into what I've seen from the performances of the Philippines and Indonesia in the AFF Suzuki Cup.

In both their second games (against Vietnam & Thailand respectively), they seemed to be employing Jose Mourinho's tactics of defending in numbers and waiting for counter-attacks.

I saw more than a few occasions where the strikers retreated to their own half, and defended from the front. This also meant ceding possession of the ball for sometimes long periods.

On the flip side, this was paired with quick counterattacks, but also meant few shooting chances. However, both teams were still able to score (& win), as the strikers did not waste their chances with deadly finishing.

The most famous example of this tactic till date is Inter Milan's win over Barcelona in the Champions League final under Jose Mourinho. Since then, several teams have used it in World Cup 2010, with varying success.

It can be a little negative at times (Vietnam's coach commented that the Philippines parked a bus in front of goal), but the counterattacks can be breath-taking at times...

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