Tuesday, December 21, 2010

QWERTY smartphones - an endangered species?

I must have been daydreaming; How could I be considering the Dell Streak or HTC Desire HD?

The tactile quality of a hardware QWERTY keyboard cannot be replicated. But then, how come Singapore gets a raw deal regarding QWERTY smartphones?
  • the Samsung Epic 4G is CDMA (cannot be used in Singapore)
  • the Motorola Droid 2 is still stuck somewhere
  • the Motorola Charm is underpowered (600MHz CPU, Android 2.1)
  • the HTC Desire Z is strangely reduced in specs (800MHz CPU) and seems to have build quality issues.
Other non-Android QWERTY smartphones have yet to be released (e.g. Nokia N9, Dell Venue Pro, Palm Pre 2, HTC 7 Pro).

Strangely, what's left is the Blackberry Torch. Not many apps available on the Blackberry platform, but I like its Universal search function.

(EDIT) Oops, just found out that the Blackberry OS does not support Flash. Guess I have to continue looking...

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