Friday, October 23, 2015

Kurio Smart - first thoughts

The 2-in-1 tablet/laptop hybrid finally arrived, via comgateway. Collected from a Cheers store.

First thoughts
  1. 19.5GB free of 23.3GB out of the box
  2. magnetic locking mechanism quite sturdy; 
  3. mousepad sensitivity ok; Windows 8 gestures working without issues
  4. keyboard travel ok, not too mushy
  5. switched display to 150% magnification 
  6. device runs ok on Chrome with 5-6 tabs
At the end of Day 1...
  1. speakers surprisingly not bad; front facing layout helps; headphone out ok also
  2. installed KeyTweak; converted
    1. Right Shift into Page Up
    2. Right Alt into Page Down
    3. Windows key into Search
    4. made using the device even more efficient
  3. as expected, IE runs smoother than resource-intensive Chrome

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