Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 - initial thoughts on camera

Test shots from Samsung Galaxy S7; initial thoughts on camera
  1. fast camera startup [double-press home button]
  2. fast auto-focus
  3. zero shutter lag
  4. motion photo feature is useful [shoots 3 seconds of video before you press shutter]
  5. high default shutter speed in auto mode [a good thing, as it results in less blurry shots]
  6. manual behaviour in Pro mode a little strange [doesn't seem to allow shutter speed adjustment only; once i start adjusting shutter speed, sensitivity becomes ISO50 and exposure compensation kicks in]

Auto mode, HDR off, f/1.7, ISO100, 1/100s

Auto mode, HDR off, f/1.7, ISO80, 1/100s

Auto mode, HDR off, f/1.7, ISO125, 1/100s

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