Friday, July 16, 2004

baybeats day 1

a very rough & short review of baybeats day 1, a moblog from my handphone, as can be seen with the presence of a title in a blog

aloe in the bottle

  • sounds malaysian
  • raw, out of tune, but full of feel

shoe size nine

  • great tunes & riffs
  • pro, well developed songs
  • already have a cd out


  • chill out
  • female vocals, but not live
  • effects based

love me butch

  • pro
  • like system of a down
  • slick
  • scream
  • riffs

return to fall

  • unplugged session
  • up close
  • good rhythms
  • sad if they cant continue


  • why they started?
    becos everyone should b in a band
  • friendship is more impt than the band

supermarket hero

  • not really aussie, underwent changes to lineup
  • big beefy american style punk rock
  • clever breaks of silence in songs, but songs end abruptly

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