Sunday, July 18, 2004

baybeats day 3

final day report for baybeats 2004, original version from moblog, but edited online, with added content & comments, pix to follow
vertical rush

  • youth rock
seven collar T shirt

  • sounds like radiohead, or muse [i mean it in a good way]
  • too early a slot, not much people, and that affected their performance to a certain extent

  • singapore alternative pop/rock 
my squared circle

  • emo rock
  • a bit off in my opinion
  • did not catch whole set, as i rushed to grab a bite for dinner 


  • female vocal rock
  • a bit jazzy


  • malay based metal like
  • not enough of these type of band in this fest [i mean the metal part] 

kenneth ishak

  • singer songwriter type
  • 1man acoustic set
  • not my type for this kind of festival, but does provide some variety for the softies


  • easy going rock
  • lots of jumping in the air by the guitarist & bassist, perfect photo opportunity 
  • bassist even put on a ultraman mask for one song


  • easy going rock

return to fall

  • they kept saying they're sloppy, but they are really emotional, they got more things in their minds 
  • a crowd puller, nevertheless, they know how to get the crowd going 


  • a real rock chick, much better than venus butterfly 
  • progressive riffs
  • trance-like
  • long instrumental passages [i like]

last days of april

  • ordinary really
  • forced myself to listened to 3 songs b4 giving up
  • did not get the crowd going [not much interaction]
  • usual rock tunes 

i first thought that the final day was a bit off compared to the 1st 2 days, but one thing i'd like to highlight about the festival is the down to earth nature of it. band members move around the crowd normally, interacting with those who recognise them. its a sense of being close to the ground. On afterthought, most of day 3 was a bit off compared to the 1st 2 days 

best band of the fest?
the contenders

shoe size nine 
love me butch
seven collar T shirt
in my view, a tie between love me butch & muze, with buddhistson & shoe size nine the close seconds

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