Saturday, July 17, 2004

baybeats day 2

another handphone-written report, on baybeats day 2, although i've to admit that i still need to polish up the formatting online...also not much pix for day 2, my AA battery charger having some problems, no power, no pix

the observatory

  • lounge
  • harmonics
  • electro
  • shakers & sticks
  • performed lounge version of this sad song, i still like the original version played on chris ho's show


  • vocalist is actually mc for the arena 
  • emo rock


  • progressive
  • not much vocals
  • trance like at times
  • nothing like the bio in the baybeats guide, sound more alternative


  • very interesting drumming
  • not 4-4 beat
  • singing in english if i'm not mistaken

force vomit

  • singaporean alternative sound
  • malay roots in grooves

whence he came

  • last song was quite good, normal for the rest

venus butterfly

  • 5 barbie dolls, nuff said
  • want more? basically short skirts, tube tops in a rock band
  • first instance in baybeats 2004 of a band singing cover versions
  • perfect candidates for mainstream song companies

blueline medic

  • aussie sound, not much
  • can't really say, did not stay for whole set

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