Thursday, July 22, 2004

njb3 driver problem solved

I've finally solved the driver installation problem with my creative nomad jukebox 3 (njb3), for a second time. In the end, it took 2 installation files from a unofficial website to solve it. Previously, I had the problem of the installation failing halfway through while using the original installation CD or installation files downloaded from Frankly, it's a relief to be able to transfer music files from my PC to the njb3, and backup computer files like my digital photos from the PC to the njb3 again. Perhaps that's why I'm still up so late, just to wait for my backup to complete. This is because I'm afraid that the solution may not be permanent. First time round, I succeeded in solving the problem after installing Notmad Explorer, but it did not last, reasons till now I've yet to find out. So while waiting, i moblog to pass the time, plus share my joy with everyone.:)

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