Sunday, November 16, 2008

E71 - first impressions

Some quick thoughts
- rubbery keypad a bit different from the demo sets I tried earlier (hopefully it will get slicker after time)
- menu system is a bit messy; clock (and alarm) is in the Office folder (I will be moving my frequently used functions to a separate folder)
- gmail app (downloaded from works great
- built-in youtube support in the browser is appreciated
- camera is quite bad (although I knew about this before the purchase)
- search function (which appears on home screen) is fantastic (note: search within text works for Active Notes, not a Word document)
- Opera Mini browser is a bit slower than the built-in browser (perhaps time used to reformat the pages), the syncing of bookmarks with the desktop Opera work well (I will be trying out Opera Mini 4.2 Beta to see if there are improvements)

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