Sunday, November 23, 2008

Week 1 with Nokia E71

After 1 week of usage, I can safely say that it was a worthwhile purchase for me. I'm finding new features daily, and playing with new software too.

A few quick updates to previous postings
  • keypad is no longer rubbery (my typing speed is getting faster)
  • have enabled the built-in search to search documents too (this is not done by default, not sure why. but still no searching within a word document)
  • automatic syncing of office documents is possible (contrary to my earlier comments) via PC Suite using the Briefcase function
  • gmail app works offline too (well, at least the most recent emails, works even if you have not opened the email previously when you were online)
  • downloaded browsers work well (Opera Mini 4.2 beta, Skyfire 0.85 beta), but the built-in one serves works well for most purposes (RSS reader is rudimentary but is good enough), will try Teashark next
  • using the web-based Ovi sync quite regularly, very useful as it allows syncing without the need to install PC Suite or a data cable
  • have just installed Mobile Web Server, will be trying out its features soon
  • its very important to learn the many shortcut keys available, it makes usage much faster (will post the undocumented shortcut keys in another post)
  • a few things to resolve (playing M4V files, alarms ringing when in silent profile, memory card not accessible during sync using PC Suite, and after disconnection)

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