Monday, November 17, 2008

More thoughts on the Nokia E71

I have to admit that the Nokia E71 is not the perfect mobile device. But it is a very good compromise for my requirements.

You should consider the E71 is you want the following features
  • a usable QWERTY keypad
  • great free Symbian software (Gmail, Google Maps, Mobbler, MSN Messenger, Skyfire, Opera Mini)
  • every connectivity option covered (Wifi, 3.5G, GPS, bluetooth, infra-red)
  • beta apps from phone manufacturer (Ovi, Beta Labs, MOSH)
  • search tool (a bit like a desktop search on a PC)
You should look elsewhere if you are looking for the following
  • good camera
  • lightweight handphone
  • 3.5mm headphone jack (to plug in better headphones)
  • charging using normal USB-mini USB cable
  • touchscreen
  • scroll-wheel
  • easy sync of documents with PC (it can't sync office documents, one way is to transfer manually)
Personally, I find that some of the missing features are a result of market segmentation, rather than a technology limitation...

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