Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh no, I made an impulse purchase (Not)

I just bought a Fujifilm Z5fd digital camera today. It felt like an impulse buy, perhaps because I just bought an electronic gadget recently (2 weeks ago), a Nokia E71 handphone.

Why did I choose this model? I wanted a camera with the following features
  • pocketable
  • sliding cover, non-extending lens
Why did I want the above features? I wanted a camera that
  • I can bring everywhere (even when I not carrying a bag)
  • looks unobtrusive
Basically, the camera will complement my existing DSLR (Pentax K100D).

I was looking at the following models
  • Sony T2/T70
  • Fujifilm Z20fd
  • Olympus ยต 1040
The Z5fd was an obsolete model (2 generations old) that wasn't on my radar, until I saw it on sale for S$169. A few quick internet searches confirmed its useful features [metal body (should be more durable while in a jeans pocket), Super CCD HR (low-light capability), less megapixels (less "noise", leading to better quality high ISO photos)].

Will follow up with sample shots and a user review:)

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